Questions and Answers

Why have you chosen to express your worldview through the website and not through the different zoning committees?
The zoning committees approve construction. Before them appear other data, no less important, mainly in the public and environmental fields. We, on the other hand, focus mainly on the private residential unit, the quality of life in which matters less to the different committees, but more to the contractor and buyers.

What can the individual do in the matter?
As with any matter, the influence of a single family is very small, but by banding into purchase groups or contractors and marketers, who try to adjust themselves to the public and listen to it, it is possible to influence.

This living approach speaks mainly to the observant public who is familiar with the ways of the Torah. Is that so?
Certainly not. Residence according to the Torah is in fact a natural direction, existing in the genes of every Jewish person. Unfortunately, a wrong living reality has been created in both the observant public and the public that allegedly doesn’t consciously follow the Torah. All as one should act and discern their ways from their inner personality- what is really important and desirable, and what is external and redundant.

What are the stages in which your proposed residential perception can be promoted?
First and foremost, is to ascertain and understand the depth of the Torah’s perception.
What we bring here is only the tip of the iceberg of lofty ideas with tremendous influence, integrated in all our lives.
The second step is for each and every one to think of how to implement these ideas in their own apartment or in one they plan on acquiring later in life.
The third step is to become integrated in every social way that influences the decision makers in the field,
As well as a written and explained reply on this website, to be joined with others like it and transferred to the appropriate authorities.

Is there an agreement and willingness to listen to the ways of the Torah, as are presented on the website, amongst the architects and internal designers?
As far as we know clearly and directly, there are no attempts being made at present to plan in this direction. However, as we have said, this is not a thing to deter us;
We on this website, are but the spark meant to provoke thought, as written: “last made, but first planned”.
We will be happy to present the concept of residence according to the Torah before any forum, out of clear certainty that after removing the shell of opposition, the fruit of the original residence purpose will be revealed.