Tribe – Family – Household

We must prepare ourselves to accept the unique spiritual bounty of the days of the Messiah, in the course of which we are now, also by adjusting the way we cohabitate.
In the basis pf this notion is the clear certainty that we were restored to the holy land in order to reside in it in sanctity as a holy people.
The division into 12 tribes is a divine requirement, necessary for the commemoration of the third temple.
The process of division into tribes is based on the geographic division of our whole country in the holy spirit, with each tribe being granted its territory and borders. Unlike the Israelites’ entry to the land of Israel in the days of Yehoshua Bin Nun, where the tribes existed even while in Egypt, in our days the return to our land after a long exile is through a different process: settling the entire promised land, followed by the stage of tribal division, for which we must prepare ourselves and conduct with the holy spirit, as was done in Yehoshua’s days.
The tribe is based upon a household belonging to a family, a number of families which constitute a tribe, and 12 tribes, which form the people of Israel.
All that is required of us is that we become integrated in it merrily.
And merrily we act through this website to bring forth to thought and discussion the question of how can and should we change and adapt this form of living to the days of deliverance that are upon us.

1. The basic explanation in the website for houses and apartment buildings is a procedure that can be implemented immediately with every new construction.

2. The existing living quarters should be fitted according to the aforementioned trend.

3. To aim at constituting a household and family as a preliminary stage to the tribes’ formation, by inner and personal explanation and clarification of where in the country does the patriarch’s heart of hearts feels most connected to, regardless of livelihood etc. It is desired that all brothers and their father live in one area or place and to find administrative ways to facilitate this for all who desire it.

4. To aim at having cities throughout Israel for the Levi tribe and the Cohens (priests), or at least neighborhoods in which and through which sanctity will seep into their surroundings.

5. To allow each family interested in it, to gather the bones of the family members into the family burial chambers that are to be built according to the gathering of bones rituals that appear on the website.

6. To direct and guide all of the families that are still in the diaspora to choose their residential area, to build and become rooted in it as part of the process of deliverance.